About Het Hoge Licht

The site owes its name to the local lighthouse 'Westkapelle High', also called Het Hoge Licht.

This 56 meter high lighthouse was originally built in 1470, and was built as the tower of St. Willibrord Church, which burned down in 1831. In 1817, the State of the Netherlands placed a light on the tower. The roof was removed and the bell area reduced and converted into living quarters for the lighthouse keeper. In 1924 restoration was done after minor damage caused by the bombing in 1944.

 Westkapelle Lighthouse

The lighthouse is of constructed with brick and the corner blocks of natural stone. Westkapelle Lighthouse has 6 floors. On the first floor, there is an entrance with a straight lintel in a profiled pointed arch. Above that is a lancet window. Subsequent sections have lancets and alcoves, partly with ornamental stonework. The tower is crowned with an iron light pole. The brightness of the light is 2.6 million candela, with a range of 28 nautical miles. The light signal is a white flash every 3 seconds.

The tower at the beginning of Zuidstraat can be climbed. Periodically, the tower is open to the public. Opening hours can be found on a sign at the door.