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Polder House Westkapelle
Dyke and war museum with exhibitions and various cultural activities for young and old.

Belevend Fietsen
Take in, not only the awe of Zeeland during a bike ride, but the scenery which offers many unusual stories. While cycling through the province, you can discover many tales. So come and discover the history and landscape of Zeeland come to life!

Imkerij Poppendamme
In a cozy environment you can get acquainted with the fascinating world of the honey bee and .... Since 1998, there is a strong focus on the draft horse in Zeeland.

Mini Mundi
Zeeland's newest family theme park!

Het Arsenaal
Het Arsenaal Vlissingen, Pirate park & Marine aquarium. Come face to face with a real shark, meet or spot real life pirates 65 meters off the Westerschelde.

Iguana Reptile Zoo
In the center of the beautiful city of Vlissingen is Iguana Reptile Zoo, Europe's largest, fully covered reptile zoo.

Speelcircus Bambini
From snoezelhoek to a spectacular free-fall slide, at Speelcircus Bambini it all becomes a reality. Children will have fun in this fully themed indoor playground, you feel like you are really in the world of the circus!

Westkapelle vacation
All information about and around Westkapelle.

Zoutelande Info is the official website where you can always find independent and objective information about everything this seaside town has to offer.

Beaches of Walcheren
A site with all the information about the beaches of Walcheren

Beach pavilion Scheldezicht
Beach pavilion Scheldezicht is located on the beautiful coast of Zeeland between Zoutelande and Westkapelle. A place where you can dine well with a fantastic views of the North Sea, but also head for a cozy evening.  Especially in the summer, of course, when there are performances and other activities. For all your celebrations and parties please contact Beach pavilion Scheldezicht.

Beach house rentals
Hire Van Rooijen beach houses on the beautiful beaches of Netherlands. In between Westkapelle and Zoutelande you will find the beach houses on beautiful, clean beaches. These beaches are called the “Zeeland Rivièra'. The location of the beaches are on the south, so the sun is mostly over beach during the day. While enjoying the sun you can also enjoy magnificent views of the sea.

Westkapelle – Tourist attractions
Westkapelle, tourist attractions at the coast. Here you will find all information about Westkapelle. All accommodation, restaurants, businesses, attractions, etc..

Neeltje Jans
In the middle of Zeeland find the delta of Neeltje Jans. When this work is complete, a park will be fully constructed.  By visiting this theme park you will not only be extremely educated but will also be quite fun. Indeed, there is much to do for young and old. Of course, there is much attention to the operation of the Delta works, but also for flood disaster. Moreover, you will find in this park, special marine animals. Hug a seal, pat a dolphin or watch the big sharks. In the special nursery of Aquapolis, watch newborn young sharks and rays that hatch out of their eggs.  Discover the forces of wind and water and see the attractions that make this happen. A water playground that should not be missed. Come to the 3D cinema to unwind and watch an interesting film about the Delta Works. A visit to this park is quite fun and educational, and moreover really worth it for the whole family.

By clicking on the link below, you can use a coupon. Print it out and take it to Neeltje Jans...